Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun and Games

Let's get this party (Play) started!

We are the men and we are READY!

Yeah? Well we are the women and we're ready too!

Play in a Day ROCKS!

The tour of Neptune ... everyone gets a taste of the stage in Fountain Hall!

Our first look at Lame Buns in tux

Q-Tips gots a gadget!

The trick is to stay hydrated

Getting to know you better!

Miss Loonie Toonie?? Are you OK?

Leesonnes: "The best Man for the job, is a woman"

Yvonna: "Lame ..... daaaaahhhhlink"

Who's a Broadway Baby?

Getting to know you...... Friday night participant reception

Directing ... it is the POWER .... it's also difficult and lonely....

We are part of the Court Jesters (Dal Law Students) team ... anxious to see how the "old Pro" lawyers handle this.

Actors!!! Always eating

Coffee! I need coffee...

"Wear" would we be without wardrobe?....

First .... test the costumes ...

Just like playing dress up.

Wardrobe .... so many options!

Papparazzi catches cast at work

Lame Buns and two thugs (taking a break)

The Tourist Trap

The Casting process ...or cattle call

The "thugs" Ready to go

All the world's a stage....

..... and the stage crew has to decorate it!

Oh the memories!

SHHHHHHHHHH!!! Can you hear the sounds?

Found in the camera vault .... more Photos

I cannot resist ..... here are some more photos from Play in a Day 2008 - Lights!

It's all over?!

Ah .... can it really be over? How is this possible? Another Play in a Day just flew right by! Here are some final thoughts from LISNS staff:
- What a great bunch of people to spend 24 hours with! From participants, to Jeremy and the Neptune crew.... it truly was a pleasure to spend all that time with everyone

- Jeremy's capabilities never cease to amaze me. On a great day - feeling 100% - the job of producing a play, like he does at Play in a Day, takes a great deal of skill and patience. If he felt (during those 24 hours) remotely like I have been feeling the last 3 days (aweful end of summer cold) the man is a super hero!

- The Sponsors and supporters - McKellar Structured Settlements, Drake Recording Services, Deli Green Bakery and Catering, Stephen Kennedy's Bailiff Services and the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society - made it possible for the show to go on! Thank you SO much.

- All of the people who gave donations or bought tickets were wonderful - thank you!

- Note: I have seen some of the raw footage of the performance .... and it looks great! We are working on getting a version show and the 24 preceding hours edited into a DVD which will go up for sale in the next next couple of months ... Everyone will be notified. But if you want to make sure you get on the list email me (Gwen)

I hope to see some of you back next year .... whether as part of another team - or in the audience.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yelling??? I never yell... I nurture! Gently.

So the tech is done, supper is being consumed and then we dress rehearse.... we will have a show!!


who doesn't yell

Fatigue setting in....

So tired....can we go on? We must! We WILL!! It's going to be great! The show must always go on! We're about to go into the tech rehearsal. Very exciting! Uh oh, got to go, Jeremy is yelling at us...again!

It's truly coming together!

We DID stagger through the play for the first time. It IS going to come together. The sets are looking pretty darn good. I can't wait to hear the sound and see the lights added in!

We all had a lunch that was Deli Green good..... now back at working ...HARD.
LISNS staff
Stagger through???

What about crawl?

british brat or babe?

Jeremy Webb feigns an iron British constitition, but do not be fooled; beneath his marmite exterior lies a heart more vulverable than blood pudding.

from the one who understands him well....